GoPro Tunes Now Collecting AFM Member Recordings

May 12th, 2010

The AFM’s new online music store, GoPro Tunes (, is now collecting recordings — singles, EPs, or full albums — from AFM members. When we gather enough music to have a diverse catalog, we will announce GoPro Tunes to the public, selling digital audio files (e.g. MP3s), similar to Apple’s iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Sending music to GoPro Tunes is quick and easy. With a simple online interface, your members can upload their music, cover art, and a copy of their AFM recording agreement, usually with everything approved and ready-to-go within one business day. Best yet, Federation staff are available for assistance every step of the way.

AFM members set their own prices, pay no upfront fees and receive back all revenue from their music sales, minus credit card processing fees. This is a value that can’t be beat anywhere, including popular services such as CDBaby and Tunecore.

The success of this exciting initiative hinges on our collective ability to inform and motivate our members about GoPro Tunes. We need as many AFM members as possible to send us their music, and to assure their participation, we need your help!

How Local Officers Can Help

  • Send an email blast to your membership announcing GoPro Tunes and the call for recordings. You can find a sample email here.
  • Publish an article or ad in your next newsletter about GoPro Tunes. You can find a sample article and sample ad here.
  • Have a discussion about GoPro Tunes at your next membership meeting.
  • If you haven’t already done so, get acquainted with the new Joint Venture Report, which was created with self-producing AFM artists in mind. Read our “Introduction to the Joint Venture Report” here.
  • Consider making phone calls to the members you know have recordings — both to those already using AFM agreements and to those that might now be brought under an AFM agreement such as the Joint Venture Report.
  • Create a test account on GoPro Tunes yourself, so you’re aware of what’s involved in signing up to sell music.